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After School Program

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Richmond, Beacon

For more info...

To find out more information about our after school program, please visit our website at the Richmond Village Beacon or call us at 415.750.8554

After School Programs

Beacon and After School Programs

Students at Presidio Middle School have the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes every nine weeks. Classes include Homework Assistance, Hip Hop Dance, Breakdancing, Cartooning, Chess, Arts & Crafts, Leadership, or Video Production. Students can also choose to participate in specialized “academies” where they have the opportunity to spend more time every day with experts in a field of their interest.  On Fridays, students can participate in group games, movies, sports, and field trips to help build community and teamwork among their peers.



The safety of your child is our primary concern. This is an important reminder to talk with our children about ways to stay safe. 

Below are a few tips for talking with your child about prevention and staying safe.

* When possible, walk in pairs or groups. 
* Make sure parents/guardians know where children are, where they are going and who they are with. 
* If your child needs to walk alone, tell them to be VERY aware of their surroundings. NO earbuds or distractions. If a car is driving by slowly, stay away from the sidewalk.
* Do not talk to adults they don't know, especially if the adult is in a car. 
* If someone approaches your child or touches them without permission, tell them to scream or yell loudly using words like "no", "help", etc. to make it clear they need help. YES, It is okay to fight back physically in these situations. 
* Students should not go to the neighborhood stores before or after school.  The school does not provide supervision off our campus so please remind and encourage your child to stay on the campus before school and to go straight home after school.

Thank you for helping us keeping our children and school safe.


Registration Details

To find out all you need to know about registration for the 2016-2017 School Year, please visit our website.  Click HERE!

Program Details

Our Site Coordinator is Cody Aguirre.

The after school program runs every day from 3:25pm - 6:30pm.