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Mr Thomas Ekno                          Principal

Ms Emma Dunbar                        Assistant Principal

Ms Denise Carneiro-Middleton  Assistant Principal

Ms Jennifer Kuhr                          Assistant Principal

Ms Victoria Lowe                          School Secretary



Ms. Martin                                  6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Herttua                               7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Eckberg                                8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Bukareva                          Head Counselor

Ms. Susan Erigero      Counseling Secretary



1. Community Service Awards to Presidio Middle School students shall be the Script Letter "P" to a maximum of seven inches.  120 points shall be necessary to earn the award.


2. For every 90 points earned after the granting of a Script “P", a Star shall be added to the emblem. 


3. No points shall be given for work receiving class credit/grade.  A sliding scale for all service points earned shall be used. Total points for each category are to be determined by the teacher/sponsor commensurate with duties performed and may not always be the maximum.  The Counseling Department makes the final determination on the points issued.


4. No more that the maximum number of points listed in the individual job categories can be given to the student.


5.  Points are recorded on a permanent card that is kept on file in the Counseling Office.


6. Student and/or parents can view the permanent card anytime during the school year.  Please contact your grade level counselor.


7. If a student participated in community service last year, but for whatever reason did not have the opportunity to record the service points and/or get their sponsor's signature last year, consideration will be given to you to get credit for those points!  So please add it to your form and get those signatures!

Community Service


Students have the opportunity to earn their Script Letter "P" for community service while attending Presidio Middle School. The awards are issued at the end of their three years.  120 points are needed to earn the Script Letter "P".   For every additional 90 points earned after the granting of a Script “P", a Star shall be added to the emblem. 


Points are to be calculated once a year, at the end of the school year.  This year students will be collecting service points from their sponsors (teachers, counselors, event coordinators...) from April 28th through May 5th.  The service point sheets shall be returned to homerooms by Friday, May 5th.  No points will be given without the signature of teacher/sponsor.  The counseling department will review the information and transfer the points to the student's permanent card that is keep on file in the counseling office.

Community Service Points

Sponsors shall issue points based on the community service provided within the range of points listed below. The Counseling Department has the final say in the total amount of points issued for each item.



President    1-75
Vice President    1-75
Secretary 1-75
Treasurer 1-75
Athletic Commissioners                                                                               1-75


CLASS OFFICERS (6th, 7th & 8th)

President                                                                                                                                 1-50
Vice President        1-50
Secretary     1-50
Treasurer   1-50



President                                                                                                           1-20
Vice President    1-15
Secretary   1-15
Treasurer 1-15
Student Body Representative 1-15
Homeroom Team Captains 1-10



SSC (School Site Council) Member                                                                                                                1-20
SSC Meeting 5 points per mtg
SSC Retreat 20 points for attendance
PTSA Family Membership    1-10
PTSA Meeting  5 points per mtg
PTSA Event Set Up or Clean Up 5 points per event
School Club Leader 1-20
School Club Participant (Attends Most Mtgs)  1-20 



Assists teacher with tasks throughout year.  Student may earn a maximum of

15 points from one teacher for all tasks combined.



Hall Monitors & Lunch Monitors                                                                                    1-50
Library Aides - Lunch & After School 1-50
Office Aides - Before & After School   1-50



Officials                                                                                                                                                                         2 points per game
Score Keepers 1 point per game



Step Up Volunteer   1-75
Beacon After School Program Community Service  (Food Drives, After School TA, School Tours, Teen Center) 1-75

School Maker Faire (Running A Booth, Set Up..)   

Drama Production 1-50
Choir Performances  1-50
Talent Show 1-25
Lunch Time Activity Assistance   1-25
School Store  1-50
Significant Altruistic Contribution 1-25
School Clean Up Day   1-25
Beach Clean Up Day  1-50
Community Service ***     1-50
Art Poster Workers 1-10
Paper Recycling (Volunteer)   1-25
Aluminum Can/Plastic recycling (Volunteer)   1-25
Litter Patrol (Volunteer) 1-25
Graffiti Abatement   1-25

**  No points are to be awarded if service is performed as a Teacher’s Assistant or Office Monitor in place of an Elective Class.


*** Documented Participation in community service outside of school shall be provided.