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Special Education Department

Special education is instruction specifically designed to address the educational and related developmental needs of children with disabilities.

This includes early intervention services for infants and toddlers, pre-school for students starting at age three, services for school age children in grades K-12, and transition services for eligible students up to age 22.

For students with Individual Education Plans (IEP), instruction is based on the core curriculum. The IEP team documents modifications and/or accommodations/ adaptations, teaching strategies, as well as other support systems that may help the student.

General Education

Students who receive special education services in a general education classroom are provided with appropriate accommodations and modifications and/or supplementary aids and supports, as designated in their IEP. The IEP team determines the appropriateness of placement in general education based upon the educational benefits available to the student in a general education classroom, supplemented by appropriate aids and services, as compared with the educational benefits of a separate class setting. This service delivery option is available at every K-12 school.  Parents/Guardians whose student’s Service Delivery Option is General Education may list any school on their application.


Related Services

Related Services are designed to provide specific, specialized interventions when necessary for a student to benefit from his or her instructional program. Related Services are provided by a credentialed or licensed specialist in either the general education or a separate education setting or classroom. Services may also be provided by a specifically trained instructional aide or other certificated staff under the direction of the specialist. Related Services can include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Speech and Language Services 
  • Audiological Services 
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication 
  • Orientation and Mobility 
  • Vision Services 
  • Adaptive Physical Education 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Assistive Technology 
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services 
  • Vocational Education and Career Development 

Students requiring only Related Services are assigned to the general education classroom for the majority of their school day. Related Services are available at every K-12 school. Parents/Guardians whose child requires only Related Services may list any school on the enrollment application.


Programs | Definitions

What is an IEP?  Who receives Special Education Services?

Children identified with a disability that adversely affects their education may be determined as eligible for special education services through an Individual Education Program (IEP). This educational plan is developed by a team that includes: parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and other special education service providers. An IEP may include special education instruction, related services, the use of supplementary aids and services, curriculum accommodations and modifications and a range of other services. If you think that your child may require special education services, please contact the Presidio Counseling Office at 415.750.8438 OR SFUSD Screening and Assessment at 415.759.2222.


504 Rehabilitation Act Program
Section 504 enables a student with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity to receive accommodations and/or related services to ensure equal access to education.


Student Success Team (SST)
The SST is a problem solving and coordinating structure that assists students, families and teachers to develop positive solutions for maximizing student potential.


Student Assistance Program (SAP)
The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a “learning support” umbrella structure that brings together all support service providers at a school site. The SAP provides early identification, assessment, referral, support, and service coordination for students experiencing academic, attendance, behavior/social, or health problems that impact school success.