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The Presidio Middle School PTSA is a 501 (c) (3) organization to which gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


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2018-2019 AGC Fundraising Goal

Annual Giving Campaign


October 4, 2018


Thank you to all following Presidio Families who have already contributed to our Annual Giving Campaign for 2018-2019. 


 Abolfazli-Beigel, Ackerman, Adams, Aldala-Anderson, Anurakdaenthai, Antoine, Axelrod, Balzer, Bashir-Song, Basich,  Bautista, Beckham-Thomas, Beigel-Abolfazli, Blacker-Spudich, Bloch-Yitzhaki, Bobadilla, Bottini, Bradford, Brock-Koch, Carlin, Casassovici, Case, Cavanaugh-Allan, Chae-DeLeon, Chen-Li, Chan, Chan, Chang, Chau, Chen, Chen-Liang, Chen-Lin, Cheung-Lee, Chin, Chiu, Choy-Tran, Cohen, Conneely, Cox, Crowley, Dahlman-Luscombe, Davis, Dea, Deacon, Dela Cruz, Di Giorgio, Ding-Ma, Dobbs, Dowd-Rigda, Duong, Dukhovny-Volovnikov, Duong, Durrant, Dusuau-Steinway, Dutch, Erskine-Ogden, Eshaghpour-Silberman, Estes, Fall, Fenner, Fighera, Freeman, Gaede, Gershon-Jones, Getter-Malzberg, Gilbert, Giri, Girsang, Gong, Goodfellow, Grossman-Sintov, Guzman, Hanlon-Burgess-Auburn, Hayes-Vernieri, Herndon, Herrmann, Herrmann, Higa, Hillman, Hokamura, Hom-McEntee, Hong, Howa, Hsieh, Huang-Pan, Huang-Song, Huang-Lan, Huang-Xiong, Huang-Zhong, Huey, Ichikawa-Shireman, Iida, Ikemoto, Ingram, Iribarne, Jew, Jones-Gershon, Judge, Jung-Ortega, Kadoma-Ikemoto, Kazanjian-Wright, Kennedy-Boumier, Konstantinovsky-Litvak, Korthof, Kotake, Lam, Lee, Lee, Lee, Levine, Li-Chen, Li-Lew, Lichtmacher, Liang-Chen, Li-Lew, Lin, Lin-Chin, Lisker, Liu, Liu-Li, Lonergan, Long-Adams, Louie, Louie, Low, Lowe, Lu-Gottschalk, Lui, Lui-Lee, Lum, Luu, Luu-Ng, Ly-Tran, Ma-Chu, Manzon, Martin, Marton, Matsumura, Matsuura, Matthew, McAllister-Smith, McCabe, McCarty, McCluskey, McGinn-Stephens, McGrath, Meredith, Mitchell, Morris-Zrob, Munoz, Murch-Meyer, Ng-Ngu, Nguyen, Nix, O'Sullivan-Darcy, O'Carroll, Oberdorfer, Oh-Hong, Orinshteyn, Otgon-Pureverdene, Oyung, Paik, Pan-Huang, Pascual, Patel-Magan, Patnode, Perez, Pessoa, Petlin, Pramanik-Choudhury, Preble-Beebe, Priesman, Rasmussen-Mohan, Romero, Sannomiya, Scheeler-Lee, Schein, Schopen-Wade, Shapiro, Sher-Hewitt, Silva-Buehl, Smith, Smith, Smith-Dustrud, Smolenski-Sweet, So-Chan, Speaks, Stewart, Storch-Chiu,  Su, Sugai-Ng, Taclas, Takahashi, Tangad-Orsoo, Taylor, Thacher, Thlieji, Thomas-Reed, Thompson, Thorsen-Ahmadu, Tom, Tong, Underwood, Vanden Heuvel-Cramer,  Vitullo-Poston, Vivas-Zepeda, Von Krogh-Blomberg, Wade-Schopen, Wang-Hsieh, Wang-Tai, White, Wickum, Wilson, Wiggins, Withers-Nix, Withrington, Wong-Chan, Wong-Mangkeo, Wu, Xiao-Mai, Xiong-Huang, Xuy-Huang, Yee, Yieh, Young, Yu, Yuen-Lui, Yung, Zach, Zhang, Zhou, Zhou-Wen, Zhu-Lee, Zilberman, Ziman





*If you wish to remain anonymous, please email

The AGC 2018-2019 Blog!

Donate by Friday 10/5/18 to win an iPad!


Hi Folks,


Please get your donations in by tomorrow, October 5th, to be entered in a drawing for an iPad and apple pencil.


All families who donate to the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) will receive a Presidio PTSA paw print magnet.


Thank you to everyone who has donated already!


Presidio PTSA



At Presidio Middle School, we are fortunate to have the key ingredients to make a great school! Our experienced teachers and staff, along with a caring and supportive parent community promises a bright and joyful learning experience to all students. Our students are recognized for their achievements in a multitude of rich activities, including Band, Sports, Dance, Home Economics, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social studies. The wide array of academic projects, elective offers, and a variety of student clubs enrich our students' time in school.


The Presidio Parent, Teacher and Student Association (PTSA) depends on the financial support of Presidio Families to help the school provide students continually with high quality academic and enriching educational experiences. Your support to the PTSA fills in the critical financial gap the school faces each year in light of the fact that the San Francisco School District and state funds only pay for basic educational needs. A great school like ours depends on the support and generosity of its community.


In the past four years, the PTSA has closely worked with our school teachers and administrators to collect community donations through a single annual fundraising campaign. This saves precious time that was previously spent raising funds through activities such as cookie dough sales, multi-department fundraising, and car washes, to name just a few.


Your donations to Presidio Middle School through the PTSA Annual Giving Campaign provide critical funds for:


  • Computers, science laboratory materials and supplies;

  • Teacher/classroom supplies, 8th grade promotion activities, field trips;

  • Elective and enrichment programs, instrument repairs and purchases in band and orchestra, costumes in drama, chorus performances;

  • 6th Grade Step-Up to prepare incoming students for transition to middle school;

  • 8th Grade Graduation Dinner/Dance & Picnic which is a fond farewell to our students graduating from Presidio to join high school.


Our PTSA's annual goal for 2018-19 school year is to raise $125,000 and with your help we can do this. We are asking each family to contribute $300 this year, but any amount you donate will be greatly appreciated and used to support all programs this year. Every donation, regardless of the amount, is meaningful because widespread participation shows that we are all engaged in our student’s success. Donations are 100% tax deductible and can be broken up in monthly payments. For any further information or have questions, please contact with the subject line "Donations".


Thank you very much for considering a gift to the Presidio PTSA and for your ongoing support to the school to give our students the great education they deserve!


Thank you,


Presidio PTSA

Donate Online - One Time!



Donate Online - Monthly!

To Donate By Check

Please mail your donation to:

Presidio Middle School
Att:  Annual Giving Campaign
450 30th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

Students can also turn in donation to their homeroom teacher or the main office.

Checks shall be made out to "Presidio PTSA".

For a Donation Form, Click HERE.

Matching Gifts!

Increase the impact of your donation to Presidio Middle School with a company matching gift!

Does your employer match your charitable donations to non-profits?  Click HERE for a partial list of companies that participate in Matching Gifts.  Don’t see your company listed?  Check with the human resources department.  Many companies will match part or all of your charitable contributions.  

The Presidio Middle School PTSA is a 501 (c) (3) organization to which gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.       

Tax ID#94-6173249

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